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Traffic Engineer


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Job Type Contract
Duration 18
Location Qatar
Salary N/A
Contact Chand Babu Hashmi

Job In brief
 Review and prepare traffic studies to identify solutions to traffic congestion.
 Assist to prepare Temporary Traffic management plans and obtaining approval from consultant,
client, TDP department & Traffic department (MOI).
 Specify and supervise classified traffic surveys to better identify traffic problems.
 Analyze and update traffic data required to develop optimum solutions to traffic congestion.
 Review and assess traffic growth rates of previous studies.
 Conduct traffic study in order to improve adequacy and functions of signs, signals, road marking.
 Be responsible to identify design stage traffic characteristics, composition, and loading of traffic.
 Conduct a parking supply and demand study for the selected area when requested by the client.
 Review the road specification and make a recommendation. Develop conceptual traffic
maintenance plans.
 Review Contractor's Maintenance and Management of Traffic plans during construction.
 Regularly inspect traffic management and maintenance measures implemented by the contractor.
 Advise team members and clients on traffic and road technical issues.
 Prepare reports and make presentations as and when needed.
 Ability to understand, identify and assess project risk
 Ability to communicate effectively, both verbal and written communication.
 Ensuring project adherence to QCS 2014 and relevant guidelines within Highway Design Manuals
and Traffic Manuals.
 Performs road safety audits and follow up on corrective actions and closures.
 Prepares Method Statements for Traffic Management Plans and associated Risk Assessments
 Confirms that all related site works are done according to the approved design and in coordination
with construction teams.
 Night time supervisions of Traffic Management Plans implementation, controlling Supervisors and
associated Traffic team.
 Carrying out traffic studies and investigations to identify network defects in the areas of traffic
operations and management.
 Coordinate with Traffic Police to ensure safe traffic movement and operation on the highways.
 Preparation and overall improvement in Traffic Control Devices (Signs, Road Markings, Cats eyes,
Delineators etc.) to improve and enhance safety of road users.
 Monitor all temporary road networks on the construction site to ensure safe use. Including
intersections, speed limits, visibility, signage, etc
 Follow up the compliance of the implementation of traffic diversion works with the approved
 Review Traffic Diversion Plans (TDPs) and their interfaces with various projects.
 Ensure proper implementation of TDPs and handling any arising stakeholder complaints
 Direct and coordinate between the traffic engineers in the project supervision team
 Raise periodic reports to the department manager and relevant traffic diversion committees.
 Provide support to the Area Delivery Managers where required
 The Traffic Engineer will be responsible for preparing and reviewing traffic management and traffic
diversions plans including design, implementation and maintenance.
 Proposals for improvement of road safety on the roads.
 Performs Accident investigation, evaluation & measures to avoid the accidents.
 Liaison with Consultants, Sub- contractors, Management Team and with local authorities
 Carrying out road safety audits for the temporary traffic diversions.
 Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.
 Attending and managing all traffic management coordination meetings with designers, clients and
other stakeholders.
 Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.
 MME Registration is mandatory for applicants residing in Qatar.
 Candidates from outside of Qatar must be able to complete MME Registration upon joining the
 Membership to the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) will be viewed
very favorably
 Minimum 10-12 years of experience in Transport Planning and or Traffic Engineering profession.
 Good understanding of traffic models and traffic management plans.
 Adaptable to changing circumstances.
 Strong communication and presentation skills.
 Excellent written skills
 Project Management / Resource Planning skills.
 GCC experience and valid driving license

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