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Emergency Response Technician


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Job Type Contract
Location Qatar
Salary N/A
Contact Chand Babu Hashmi

Emergency Response Technician(ERT) Personnel shall possess minimum three (3) years of working experience as an Emergency Response Technicians in Oil & Gas under similar role /function and shall possess as a minimum, the following training. 

·        NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter I and Fire fighter II certificate or British standards firefighters’ initial course and crew commander course or any equivalent certification from recognized public sector training facility.

·        NFPA 1072 HAZMAT Awareness and HAZMAT Operation Training certificate

·        Rope Rescue (Level 3)

·        Confined Space Rescue

·        H2S Safety Training

·        Basic First Aid Training

• Responding to all emergencies in the plant and non-process area like fire, oil spill & recovery, gas release, rescue, and medical emergency situations according to emergency response procedures and plans, as determined by Standard Operating Procedures.


• Perform the emergency response and rescue operations in case of fire and emergency alarms, as soon as the emergencies occur, ensuring promptness, effectiveness, and speed of operations, as well as coordinating the safe operation of fire and rescue equipment at the scene of the emergency.


• Plan and coordinate ERT, rescue, and medical equipment daily inspection activities at the start of each shift, to ensure that all firefighting and rescue equipment is in good operating condition and maintained in a ‘ready to go’ condition, whilst also ensuring that all scheduled maintenance is duly undertaken and recorded.


• Carryout ITM program at site. Perform routine maintenance, testing and inspection activities for various firefighting and rescue equipment such as the fire sprinkler system, deluge system, fire monitors, fire sensors, respiratory protection gears, fire hoses, whilst also ensuring all firefighting equipment is properly cleaned and keep in readiness to use as required. Report filled ITM Checklist to ERO.


• Manage the FFS CCR - Dispatcher room, Panel, communication within ternal and external parties and DCS monitoring. Report any abnormalities if observed. Maintain daily emergency response logs, records and databases, recoding safety and fire activities including emergency and rescue operations, incidents, near misses, investigations, inspections, training activities, etc. Coordinate Heat Stress PAGA announcement and SMS.


• Maintain an inventory of all firefighting and rescue tools and equipment and report any repair and replacement requirements to ensure that all rescue equipment, including breathing apparatus, is always maintained, cleaned and ready for emergency interventions according to company procedures and standards.


• Coordinate and participate in daily indoor and outdoor training, firefighting drills, analyses drill procedures and results, and propose amendments to improve safe operations, in addition to participating in safety and fire awareness programs and campaigns as required.


• Ensure Maintaining Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIVs) and ensure that all associated equipment’s are in good working condition and ready torespond to emergencies at any given time.


• Participates in the Incident Investigation process, Task Risk Assessment teams for review of the work planning as required from time to time. Conducts safety inspections of operational plant areas, plant shutdowns, SIMOPS areas & upcoming project areas.


• Respond to non-emergency situations that requires Standby with airline trolley.


• Participate in on-the-job training for First Response Teams, including fire and safety, rescue, medical, firefighting and first aid training programs, in addition to reviewing training material and results on completion of training, providing feedback on training programs based on content delivery and deviation, and ensuring all staff are duly trained to operate safety and fire-fighting equipment.

• Regular participation in Emergency Response Drills and Exercises as per approved schedules including, but not limited to, the following:

(a) Participates in the emergency exercises & drills as per the approved emergency exercise schedule, analyses drill procedures and results, in addition to participating in safety and fire awareness programs and campaigns as required.

(b) Participate in the debriefing and drill execution analysis to propose suggestions for improvement towards safe operations.

• Perform other similar or related duties as assigned by Superintendent Emergency Response.


• Heavy driving license, which can be obtained within the first six months of the Contractors' mobilization.

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