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E, I &C QC Inspector

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Job Type Contract
Location Doha
Salary N/A
Contact Radhish Kumar Nagarajan

Job Purpose:

The purpose of the E,I&C QC Inspector is to interpret the suitability of products and processes against the designated specification requirements at scheduled and ad-hoc intervals.  The role is applicable to CAT-III projects.



Main Duties/ Accountabilities:     

·         Confirm effective implementation of the quality management system and project quality plan

·         Engage contractors and applicable third party organisations with a professional approach and maintain a good working level relationship.

·         Fully conversant with discipline specific, facility related technical specification requirements.

·         Review contractors quality deliverables in accordance with the requirements and expectations of client and provide clear, concise output to the contractor’s quality focal point.

·         Familiar with Industrial Control Systems software and processes

·         Familiar with Electrical systems such as LV and MV equipments, motors, transformers, switchgears, PDBs, CTs, Relays, UPS, battery bank, lighting fixtures, receptacles and small power panels

·         Familiar with Instrumentation and Control systems such as DCS, ESD, PLCs and Cabinet integration instruments and transmitters like pressure, Diff pressure, level, flow, RTD & thermocouples with thermowells, gauges, analyzers and instrument tubing etc.

·         Familiar with fire & gas, PAGA & telecom systems devices and equipment.

·         Familiar with Cybersecurity and Network equipment such as Servers, Switch, Workstation …and so on.

·         Continuously monitor the quality of works in progress at site and other work locations against the applicable company  technical specifications.

·         Ensure that contractor processes and procedures are properly and effectively implemented.

·         Perform material/ equipment site receipt inspection with additional visual and dimensional examination (where practical) to confirm suitability and fit for purpose.

·         Conduct site installation, testing, calibration inspections to confirm product and process quality in line with established quality and technical documents.

·         Ensure that the latest revision of project quality documentation is available and that records of product and process conformance are maintained in accordance with the document and record control requirements.

·         Prepare a daily report summarising the salient inspection points and quality concerns and coordinate directly with the assigned quality focal point regarding any significant issues identified.

·         Manage and participate in site quality verification activities (i.e. Quality Walkabout, Surveillance and Audit) and document the outcomes using the applicable inspection report template.

·         Record and facilitate the follow-up and close-out of identified non-conformances.

·         Act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of company  project management team to ensure that quality requirements and expectations are fully satisfied.

·         Familiar with the company company health, safety and environment requirements and ensure that they are adhered to during project activities.

·         Prepare a regsister to record all observations and the proposed solutions according to QG Policy.


Operating Environment, Framework and Boundaries:

·         Works in accordance with company policies and directives from the QA/QC Engineer (CAT-III Projects)                                         

·         Provides inspection related recommendations on applicable project activities.

·         Works with in established company corporate and industry policies and procedures


Communications and Working Relationships:

·         Close working relationship with assigned inspection personnel to ensure that they are fully aware of their assigned roles and resposiblities.

·         Regular meetings with QA/QC Engineer (CAT-III Projects), Contractor, and project team, to discuss ongoing projects and work priorities.

·         Regular internal contact with construction specialists and project teams to provide advice on project quality related issues.


Problem Solving/Complexity:

·         Works within well established policies, procedures and standards.

·         Works under pressure in fast-track Shutdown projects and able to provide professional, concise response to quality related queries/ concerns.

·         Undertakes investigations and problem solving of a routine and ad-hoc nature, with the more complex issues being elevated to the QA/QC Engineer (CAT-III Projects) for advice or decision.


Decision Making Authority and Responsibility:

·         Plan and prioritises work within agreed work programs.

·         Advises internal client user departments on quality and inspection related issues and monitors adherence.


Minimum Qualification, Knowledge, Skills and Experience

·        Diploma in an Elelctrical / Instrumentation / Control Systems engineering discipline

·        Familiar with IEC, NEC, NFPA, BS, NEMA, NETA etc. Codes/ Standards

·        Familiar with quality assurance principles and practices as per ISO 9001

·        10 years' experience in project related quality control activities for EPC type oil and gas projects

·        Fluent in both spoken and written English

·        ISO9001:2015 Audit experience preferred


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