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Job Type Contract
Location Qatar
Salary N/A
Contact Chand Babu Hashmi

            Fabricates piping, steel structures, static equipment repairs, making and repairing articles and parts as required by using cold metal sheet forming and other fabrication techniques.

Reads, interprets and examines structural drawings, piping isometrics, piping plans, GA drawings, static equipment drawings and specifications.


Familiar with sizes of steel members, pipe & fitting schedules, flange stradle, tolerance for weld joints like socket, bevel etc.


Skilled to cold and hot forming of structure steel / piping as required and other similar constructions.


knowledgeable and skill in bevelling of pipe ends and fit up of joints as per WPS at field as well as shop inorder to make a sound weld joint.


Familiar with selection of cutting torch nozzle sizes with respect to thickness of pipe or plate while performing oxy acetylene thermal cutting or plama cutting. Experience in using motorised thermal cutting (pug machine).


Skilled to operate plate shear machine, spot welding machine, portable angle grinding machine, straight grinding machine etc.


Knowledgeable to use the tools for stainless steel and carbon steel fabrication.


Experience to fabricate miter bends / elbows with pipe as per required specifications. 


Skilled to operate pneumatic operated portable grinding and cutting tools.

Familiar with the permit to work (PTW) system in a gas process plant. And shall able to pass the client PTW training in the responsibility of Performing Authority.


Cuts work piece using powered saws, hand shears, or chipping knife. Uses various grinders to cut and shape plates and pipe of different metallurgy.

Skilled to prepare layout, positions and joins the assemblies according to specifications using straight edge, combination square, rulers etc.

Works 70% of the work time in prevailing weather conditions takingmeasurements, installing or assisting other field workers. Balance time spentindoors

All welding/fabrication applications using oxy-acetylene, SMAW, GTAW,spot welding etc .

   - Completion of secondary education(over all 12 years education)

-Knowledge of notations, weld symbols of isometric and structural drawings, techniques to site measurements, set-up and prepare for welding piping and structural steel made of a variety of materials.


     -Familiar with all hazards and safety precautions of the fabricator trade.

-Eight(8) years experience in a gas plant, refinery or petrochemical industry as a fabricator.


-Speaks and understand English language fluently.

-Shall be at least 30 years of age and physically fit.



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