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Job Type Contract
Duration 4-6 WEEKS
Start Date NOV 5-2016
Location QATAR
Salary N/A
Contact Shanavas Abdulsalam


PrimaryPurpose of the Job


Responsible as OffshoreGeotechnical Client Representative for execution and acceptance of the Geotechnicalsurvey activities on behalf of the Bul Hanine project





Number of Staff Supervised:

Direct Reports:






Financial Data:

Capex plus Drillex:

NA (*)

* No formal budget approval authority, howeverthis position can influence and impact the overall project cost and budget



1.      Be accountable for the safe and wellexecution of offshore Geotechnical surveying and data acquisition activities.

2.      As OffshoreGeotechnical Client Representative youwill have day to day responsibility for monitoring the offshore works on the geotechnicalvessel on behalf of the client.

3.      Assist in the reviewingand preparation of all documentation (letters, reports etc.) relating toclaims, variations etc. whether received from the contractor or to be issued bythe onshore Senior Surveyor / Project Manager.

4.      Manage the interface between existingoffshore oil field, Geotechnical survey vessel and any other vessel working inthe field

5.      Verify operational status of survey &geotechnical equipment, vessel and personnel on a day to day basis. Inclusivethe field works performed.

6.      Conduct QA/QC of the Geotechnical soil datacollected on a daily base.

7.      Act as company HSE representative duringoffshore field work

8.      Reporting of allenvironmental, Health and Safety incidents and near misses. Alerting the onshoreSenior Surveyor / Project Manager if any risks arise or when signaleddeviations in the execution of the project.

9.      Producing daily reportsand informsthe Oil field offshore manager/supervisor and onshore Senior Surveyor / Project Manager about progress and planning using Daily WorkSheets.

10.  Assessing and auditingcontractors documentation in regards to H&S Plan, QA plan, Environmentalplan, Project execution Plan, etc.

11.  Attending meetings as andwhen required

12.  Ensure contractorexecutes the project to full client satisfaction.

13.  Acts as'eyes & ears' for the client with regard to offshore geotechnical operationsand ensuring that work procedures and management of change are followed:

a) Monitors competence issues with team performing work at site.
b) Ensures compliance with local & international regulations.
c) Monitors the safety & efficiency of operations



 Decision Making Authority

·      Responsible  for the execution  of the offshore Geotechnical Scope ofWork  associated  with the project  scope  of work on time  and  within budget,  and  as per  agreed  project requirements and specifications.

·      Responsiblefor the technical decision making for acceptance and rejection of Offshore Geotechnicalsurvey acquisition. Ensure all recommendations made are passed to onshore Senior Surveyor / ProjectManager for review and/orendorsement.

·      Operatewithin the framework of established company policies and departmentalprocedures / specifications, guided by engineering codes, standard practicesand industry practices.



·       Conduct mobilisation verification checks asrequired (even outside Qatar)

·       Exposed to different cultures, backgrounds andenvironments. Need to attend to and resolve conflicts, challenges and problemsrelated to a medium size multi-cultural and multi-discipline technicalworkforce.

·       Exposed to offshore work environments.

·       Activities executed with the highest requiredlevel of confidentiality.



·                   B.Sc. in SoilMechanics and/or geophysicist/geologist from arecognised University, higher degree would be advantageous.

·       Membership of a recognised professionalengineering association (or institution), is preferable.

·       A minimum of 10 years’ experience in Geotechnicalsurveying activities in the Oil & Gas Industry with an Oil & GasCompany or Consultant/Contractor, of which at least 5 years should have been ina Client Representative role for offshore Geotechnical  survey activities.

·       Familiar with Shell DEP's and otherinternational Surveying codes and standards.

·       Familiar with Surveying techniques and software.

·       Experienced  in  the  implementation  of industry  best  practices and  Company's   systems, processes, and standards

·       Strong technical, communication andpresentation skills.

·       Team player

Key Requirements

·        Proven experience in the role ofClient Representative at Geotechnical survey and positioning projects (CPTU,Soil sampling, Rock coring, laboratory testing, Pile Capacity assessmentcalculations, familiarity with dynamic positioning and position referencingsystems, etc.) (evidence to be provided)

·        Strong knowledge of (managing)the execution phase of Geotechnical survey projects

·        Strong knowledge of HSE standardsand work methods in regards to Geotechnical survey projects

·        Strong knowledge of offshore soilsampling equipment.

·        English speaking and the abilityto write reports in English

·        Computer skills: MS officeapplications (Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint)

·        H2S, T-BOSIET, Offshore Medical

·        Familiarized with field and vessel emergencyresponse procedures and understand the role of the client representative in anyemergency

·        Familiar with the assessment for pile capacityand depth calculations

·        Familiar with IMCA Survey recommended practicepublication and its referenced documentation

Job Description

To supervise an Offshore Geotechnical soilsurvey including assessment of pile capacity and depth calculations. The OffshoreGeotechnical Client representative shall participate in a planning meeting anda technical kick-off meeting before the field survey itself.


Offshore Geotechnical Client representativeshall:

·        Readand understand relevant SOW documents

·        Iffeasible. participate in one day kick off meeting with Client at the Client'soffice in Qatar

·        Readand understand contractor Project Execution Plan (PEP)

·        Participatein Technical Kick-Off meeting with survey contractor

·        Participatein Kick-Off meeting with survey contractor on-board survey vessel

·        Tosupervise the technical execution of the surveys, including, but not limitedto:

o   Quaysideand offshore testing done during mobilisation

o   Calibrationof instruments

o   Technicalset-up during survey

o   Maintenanceof equipment testing requirements

o   Positioningof vessel and equipment

o   Dataquality

o   On-boarddata processing and deliverables

o   Completionof SOW by the Contractor in terms of data coverage and quality

·        Sign-offmobilisation and testing result documentation presented by contractor as perrequirements within the SOW documentation and Acceptance Checklist to beprovided by the Client ahead of vessel mobilisation

·        Verifyon-board analysis of the obtained soil samples and give feedback on thesuggested onshore laboratory analysis as suggested by contractor,

·        Deliverdaily reporting by e-mail and telephone to the onshore Senior Surveyor / ProjectManager:

o   Adaily progress meeting shall be held by the survey contractor and attended bythe Offshore Geotechnical Client representative. The Contractor's Party Chiefshall take and distribute minutes of these meetings

o   Twice-weeklytelephone meetings will be held with the QP BH project management team (ifrequired), the Offshore Geotechnical Client representative, the Contractor'sParty Chief and other relevant personnel as listed in the SOW documents

·        Ensurethat HSE requirements from QP are followed during the survey

·        Deliveran Offshore Geotechnical Client representative final report summarising thesurvey, including but not limited to:

o   Surveydetails

o   Keypersonnel

o   Timebreakdown

o   HSE

o   Vessel

o   Surveyequipment

o   Environmentalobservations

o   Summaryof Contractor performance, data quality and on-board deliverables

o   TheClient Representative’s general comments, incl. discussion of the quality ofthe work performed.

If disputes offshore regarding soil sampling or data quality (e.g. weathertolerances etc.) or HSE arise, the Offshore Geotechnical Client representative willhave the authority to stop the work. Any disputes must be noted in the dailyreports. Disputes or HSE incidents must be reported to the Client’s onshoreSenior Surveyor / Project Manager immediately.

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