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CP Engineer


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Job Type Contract
Location Qatar
Salary N/A
Contact Chand Babu Hashmi

Education qualification

  • Engineering


  • NACE Level II in CP or equivalent

No of CV’s required

  • Minimum 5


  • more than 5 years of extensive experience in design, selection, installation, monitoring and Maintenance of CP system

Job description

  • Study CP network design, installation specifications, operating history and prepare detailed report with recommendations for any repair/ modifications and execute the modification work after client approval.  
  • Develop Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for all routine and yearly monitoring and maintenance. Implement JSA recommendations to execute the job safely.
  • Receive PTW (Permit to Work) prior to execute the job in compliance with clients safety procedures.
  • Carry out routine monitoring and yearly monitoring of the CP system as per Company approved procedures and requirements.
  • Additional monitoring / tests / inspections on request from Technical Services.
  • Prepare and submit detailed report in the company approved format after every monitoring/ inspection and testing.
  • Report the abnormalities with recommendations for corrective action after every surveys and monitoring and execute the repair/replacement activity upon clients approval.
  • Carry out routine preventive and corrective maintenance of T/Rs, JBs etc. Spares supply and replacement shall be with prior approval from Client.
  • Carryout Routine Monitoring of VPCI installed in above ground Tanks
  • Trouble shoot issues related to CP and submit detailed report with preventive and corrective measures.
  • Provide technical support for minor modifications and design works on CP system.
  • Prepare detailed SOW for all major repair recommendations based on findings.
  • Attend regular meetings with client.  
  • Be the subject matter expert on behalf of client for any CP issues when dealing with any modification or new installation etc.


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