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Dimensional Control Inspector


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Job Type Contract
Location Doha
Salary N/A
Contact Radhish Kumar Nagarajan

Job Specification

Job Purpose      

  • The inspector ensures, by permanent and visible presence on site, that Contractor is safely, properly and timely building the scope of work as per Company specifications, design and codes.

  • The inspector is responsible for the day-to-day supervision and witness of activities for his specialty during the Construction carried out by contractor or subcontractors. He monitors, instructs, corrects and reports the working practices of Contractor as necessary

  • He ensures that all his scope of work is completed in accordance with safety and quality standards applicable.

Key Job Accountabilities

  • Dimensional control inspector must oversee Contractor dimensional control activities from piece cutting till full jacket and TDD dimensional control.

  • Each inspector assists the Company quality lead during day-to-day activities, inspections, technical audits and qualification processes of Contractors and subcontractors. In addition, he implements and communicate the Quality lead instructions.

  • He coordinates his activity with the quality team and SHE team of Company and Contractor. He is able to forecast the upcoming activities for the week and prepare his monitoring activities.

  • The inspector permanently visits the worksite and liaises with Contractor or subcontractors’ personnel. The inspector monitors the work progress from work-order control index to final inspection for his area. He highlights to his manager potential or actual delays or lack of resources.

  • Each inspector shall review the company specifications and ensure the specifications are perfectly known to him, for proper implementation.

  • Each inspector knows construction drawings, procedures, plans, ITP, material specifications, for all matters related to his discipline. Each inspector shall ensure that the latest revision of documents is used on site. He obtains and uses the necessary shop drawings. The inspector respectively ensures that accepted modifications are implemented as per revised drawings.

  • For any quality issues that he notices, the inspector shall immediately inform the quality lead or the quality lead and will issue a related NCR upon request. Each inspector follows up in the resolution of NCR relevant to his discipline and area, expedite for implementation of corrective and preventive actions. He reports lessons learned when applicable.

  • The inspector checks and ensures that traceability of material is implemented and stamped, that proper material is used with appropriate certificates.

  • The inspector respectively reviews welding maps, welding sequence and NDT plan for acceptance related to Welding or NDT (depending on his NDE certification). Each inspector respectively checks that only agreed consumables, tools and test equipment are properly used preserved, maintained and provided with valid certificates. He requests the welding engineer assistance when necessary.

  • Each inspector keeps an updated list of approved welders and WPS. The inspector respectively checks that all welders performing welding activities, all welding parameters and all WPS comply with those approved by COMPANY for that particular welding activity. If not, the inspector shall stop the work and inform immediately his manager. Each inspector respectively ensures and follows-up traceability of welds and welders.

  • Each inspector respectively witnesses the visual inspections prior to and after welding as well as the dimensional control of the welded assembly.

  • Each inspector reviews and signs welding, dimensional control or inspection reports from Contractor on behalf of COMPANY and maintains a file copy. Each inspector implements the inspection release note as per ITP.

  • Each inspector assists for the preparation and review of the final documentation

  • Each inspector assists the trainees to develop their project skills and experience while being on site.

  • The inspector adheres to, promotes and follows the HSE company policy. The inspector shall issue at least one observation card every day and inform the HSE manager with any relevant HSE issues he notices. He stops work when he witnesses unsafe activities.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, or equivalent.

  • Qualified CSWIP (or equivalent)welding inspector or higher.

  • 10 years’ experience in structure and piping dimensional control with 3D Total station machine. Must have full knowledge of set up and work with 3D Total station machine. Except know of Offshore dimensional control specially jacket fabrication is mandatory.

  • 10 years of experience in structure and welding fabrication (jackets) with experience in major offshore projects

  • Experience with EPC contractors, sub-contractors and vendors involved in the oil and gas industry in the country of fabrication.

  • Ability to understand and implement the inspection and test plan from material receiving inspection up to final inspection with documentation review.

  • Ability to read/understand design/shop drawings.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a focus on teamwork and the ability to communicate and interact in a multicultural environment. Ability to prepare a daily report.

  • Monitoring of load-out, transport and offshore installation experience is a plus.

  • High pressure piping fabrication for riser, installation, testing and preservation is a plus.

  • Valid BOSIET is a plus. Familiar with MWS requirement is a plus.

  • Valid NDT qualification level 2 or higher (RT, UT, PAUT, MPI, PT) is a plus.

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