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Project Manager (High rise Buildings, Industrial structures, Schools & Infra structural works)


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Job Type Contract
Location Qatar
Salary N/A
Contact Chand Babu Hashmi

The Project Manager will be responsible for overall project planning and scheduling, resource allocation,
project accounting and control, while providing technical direction and ensuring compliance with quality
standards and health and safety.
1. Review, adjust and validate the project’s baseline schedule and budget, follow-up on the work progress
and relevant cost and take appropriate measures to meet the project’s objectives.
2. Assess the project’s needs and set a strategy for the proper provision and management of resources in
order to boost productivity while optimizing relevant cost.
3. Coordinate with the project’s section managers to make sure all prerequisite requirements (documents,
resources, etc…) are ensured on time and that the workflow is well organized to avoid any delays in the
work execution.
4. Pick-up the most suitable work methodologies after consulting concerned persons, oversee the execution
of work on the project’s site, intervene whenever needed to ensure overall performance.
5. Review QA/QC reports as well as the client/consultant’s observations, discuss findings with relevant
persons and make sure the work is executed in compliance with relevant designs/specifications/standards
and quality requirements.
6. Approve and validate operations that stipulate additional cost on the project, verify the
work/products/services of external providers and take appropriate measures to avoid overstepping quality
and cost objectives.
7. Collect metrics data (such as baseline, actual values for costs, delays, work completed, productivity,
etc…), identify and analyse deviations, report on the project’s performance and progress and develop action
plans to secure the project’s profitability.
8. Manage proactively all contractual matters related to the project, negotiate variations/changes and get
internal technical support to defend the company against any contractual breaches and preserve global
9. Supervise the timely production, submission and reception of documents/reports and make sure
appropriate follow-up is made by concerned parties to avoid potential delays or undesirable events.
10. Oversee the proper application of the document control activity and make sure all data are entered
systematically on BUTEC Information System to ensure full traceability of the project’s activities and avoid
any loss/deterioration of relevant documents/records.
11. Identify and analyse project’s related problems, assess relevant risks and prepare mitigation plans to
minimize relevant costs and meet the project’s objectives.12. Organize regular/periodic meetings with the project’s staff, communicate targets, discuss problems and
review the work progress and challenges to gain the full involvement of people.
13. Oversee the proper implementation of policies and procedures (including safety) to ensure conformity
on the project’s site.
14. Liaise with external parties on any matter relevant to the project, discuss it internally if needed, and
develop communication strategies to maintain mutually beneficial relationships.
15. Lead and motivate people, drive them towards successful achievements, provide coaching and support
when needed and create a strong team spirit culture to boost internal productivity.
16. Manage individual performance, identify internal talents and coordinate with concerned parties to
develop employees’ potential.
 15 years of related engineering management experience on large scale programs
 Incumbent should have a broad general technical and business background.
 Grade A MMUP Professional registration required.
 Must have the ability to manage projects, interface with clients and enjoy being hands on technically
in the project.
 Project Managers need to get involved in the designs on the project.
 Comprehensive knowledge of industry standards Incumbent must meet Parsons' project management
certification requirements.
 Proven ability to perform in a management capacity, excellent written and oral communications

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