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Consultant- Strategy Review, update and Implementation


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Job Type Contract
Location Qatar
Salary N/A
Contact Chand Babu Hashmi

·        To Develop and update of Corporate Strategyfor the Organization

·    To conduct PESTEL Analysis, SWOT Analysis andValues embedding, Scenario planning and War gaming at different levels –Section, Department, corporate, organization.

·        To Develop Strategy Map

·        To conduct workshops and Strategy awarenessTraining at different levels

·        To conduct Operational and StrategicPerformance Review

·        To Review and update Strategic Objectives -All levels across the Organization:

·        To Review, update/ Identify Strategic KPIs

·        To Identify and Prioritize StrategicInitiatives– All levels across the Organization

·        To Develop Initiatives Plans – All levelsacross the Organization:

·        To Identify, Prioritize and Assess StrategicRisks – All levels across the Organization

·        To cascade of the Organization Strategy to alllevels across the Organization   

·        To Align Strategic Risks All levels across theOrganization

·        To Implement the Organization’s Strategy andReview Performance

·        To Consolidate Strategy Components: 

·        To Review and Monitor Performance, ManageRisks and Initiatives

·        To structure reporting templates 

·        To develop Performance Dashboard

·        To conduct Review Meetings

·        To Test the established cause-effectrelationship

·         MMUP /UPDA certification is preferred.

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